Has anyone been to the Secretary of State lately? The lines and the wait are getting longer. As Governor, I plan to overhaul so that things can be done from your home, by mail-in, or if you wish, in the Secretary of State Office. Things need to change on the ground, so the line and wait times are much less. There is no reason why a person should have to wait 2 hours or longer to take care of business.

As it stands now, most software at the state level requires a Microsoft operating system. This prohibits those with other operating systems from accessing important information. I want to see all government-mandated software be implemented in a portable programming language, allowing usage on all standard operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, GNU/Linux, etc.

It's time for me to tell you who I am and where I stand. I will be running as a Constitutional Conservative Republican. First and foremost, I am a Christian. This does not make me anyone special, just forgiven, and what I have, you can have too. I believe in a culture of life that leads to a quality of life, a quality that can be enhanced for all of Michigan's citizens, from the very youngest to the oldest. I believe in the U.S. Constitution and the State of Michigan Constitution. Both start with the words of "We The People...". This is important because no matter how you look at it places the real power in the hands of the State and the Nation's people.  Article 4 section 4b says, "no law shall be passed or enacted for the penalty of death. State Constitution 1963 effective date January 1, 1964. Think about that. I also believe in the second amendment, which the State Constitution upholds. The true meaning of this amendment needs to be understood in conjunction with the Declaration of Independence. As your Governor, I would do everything possible to ensure this freedom IS NOT infringed upon. All our other freedoms depend on this one. If this one disappears, so will the rest. This culture and quality of life are compromised when our roads beat our vehicles into junk; when our taxes restrict businesses that provide good jobs with good pay from moving into the State.  Our culture and quality of life are also compromised when taxes take too much of our money from our pockets and puts it into the government's pockets. Our culture of life is enhanced by our State and national parks and all of the freshwater recreational sports. Our Great Lakes, rivers, and inland lakes need to be protected while not restricting access to them. That goes for our wildlife and hunting privileges as well. Our education system also enhances our culture and quality of life. I believe we can make it an example for the rest of the Nation. The government should not overly regulate it, but we need to make sure every student is getting what they need to become productive after graduation. I believe we can accomplish these things and more while not increasing the budget and lowering our taxes for everyone.

Here is a quote from the Governor herself: “I believe one of the principal duties of any governor is to protect and promote the health and well-being of our state’s residents.” – Governor Whitmer

With her mandates and other orders she has issued during this “virus,” she has done nothing of the sort. She has placed every citizen of this state in danger, not just for this virus but for some other severe side effects from her orders. These orders are and were totalitarian designed to help bring us into the new World Order. The following paragraph taken from her vision sounds good, but in light of her actions over the last year, their true nature comes to light. “The health of every Michigander is affected by factors ranging from genetics to the environment, the economy, and government policies. These factors influence both personal choices and access to health-related services. Establishing and maintaining the public health must include a new way of thinking that shapes the goals and duties of every agency of state government.”

Wes Nakagiri, chairman of the Livingston County Commissioners, says it like this in a report he has put together.  “Michigan’s plan specifically identifies the importance of vaccinating citizens who are incarcerated, citizens who are IV drug users, and non-citizens. It is unconscionable that people residing illegally in Michigan receive priority attention from Lansing. Michigan’s plan also enables MDHHS to poach vaccines from “out-of-favor” population groups and redistribute them to “favored” or special population groups.” In his report, he says that state and federal governments have designed and implemented a totalitarian social credit system to evaluate the citizenry to determine who gets treatment first. These chosen factors favor the democrat voting demographics of non-citizens, criminals, and other periphery groups while putting the rest of us at risk. If this type of social credit scoring can be done for the vaccine, it can and will be done for all healthcare applications for everyone in this state. This needs to stop now!

That brings us to the vaccine. This vaccine is an experimental drug that HAS not been appropriately tested. We, the human race, have never before come up with a viable vaccine against coronaviruses. There are a number of them. Remember the SARS-CoV -2 Virus under Obama? They started working on a vaccine but pulled it out of development. Why? Because it killed every animal tested in the animal trials.  It didn’t kill them when it was administered, but when they injected them with the virus to see if they had antibodies, it caused their bodies to attack themselves.  This vaccine is no better, and I do not recommend anyone taking it.

Our healthcare should start with a me-first attitude. Not in that, I should be first, but in I will educate myself and be my own best advocate for my healthcare if related to the treatments suggested. I desire to bring quality and affordable healthcare to all Michigan citizens, regardless of who they are or where they live, play, work, or even their age. Our quality of life starts with a good quality of health.

"We are all paying to fix our cars when we should be paying to fix the road." – Governor Whitmer. What happened to her slogan, "I'll fix the da@@ roads"? That didn't happen, and what she did do saddled us with a 3 billion dollar bond issue to get it done. Part of the problem is the way the roads have been getting "fixed." There is a highway near me that, within two years after rebuilding the roadbed, they cut out the freeze joints and replaced them. Now the road is so rough there is only one lane that is comfortable to drive on. Where is the accountability on the part of the contractors? What about the inspectors? They are supposed to make sure they are building the roads to the specs in their plans.

We need to have a comprehensive plan of development for these highways that will last. I remember when they put I-96 in back in the '60s, that road lasted 40 years. What happened to since then? I want to implement a plan to construct roadbeds that will last 30 years instead of what we currently have to tolerate. Better roads mean better jobs and better income for everyone. There are taxes and other funds that are earmarked to fix our highways. I propose using those funds to fix the roads the way they should be. I know it's a little more complicated than how I am laying it out, but I know people in the road construction business can help me out on this.

Detroit was once the wealthiest city in the world. IF we are ever going to take that title back, we are going to need decent roads. Under me, the roads WILL get fixed right the first time.


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