To Whom Will You Turn?

Cross at the top of the mountain

To Whom Will You Turn?

DO NOT GIVE UP your faith. MY God says He isn’t finished yet, and we will be surprised by the outcome. It isn’t over. Things may seem impossible, but my

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Live Free or Die

What is Patriotism? It is the pride, love, and devotion in one’s own country and its ideals. When the people of any country are no longer driven by patriotism, they

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A True Patriot At Heart

Think back on the last four or five Governors we have had. Other than our taxes going up, has anything changed? NO. In a way, that is good because nothing

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Standing on the Edge

We are standing on the edge to the end of all things evil.  If this election fraud goes on and we lose this election, we lose this country. It is

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